Zewelepe has a vast expertise in the following sectors, providing a combination of an innovative thinking along with a sophisticated development.

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Development and delivery on ICT projects
Development 100%
Technical support
Support 100%
ICT consulting services – outsourcing
Consulting 100%
Design, marketing and support of software products
Design 100%
Outsourcing, SaaS, cloud and managed services
Outsourcing 100%
VDR - a secure online repository
Virtual Data Rooms 100%

Zewelepe consists of a team with diverse professional backgrounds. Our specialized and experienced team has a long experience in the implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects.

Our team shares a profound commitment in executing IT solutions, based on our clients needs. Moreover, we promote the research and we aim for promoting education in all levels. We offer technology-enhanced learning solutions (e-learning platforms, Moodle, Virtual Learning Environment development, education apps etc.)

Consulting services

Zewelepe offers advice and assistance to public and private institutions on a wide spectrum of domains. It aims at assisting entities from the Private Sector in their efforts for expansion and growth.

Our aim is to create value for our clients leading to a positive lasting impact. 


Zewelepe provides state-of-the art research and data analysis services for both qualitative and quantitative data, using a variety of methodologies and tools, including secondary and primary research.

We customize our methodologies and tools to your needs.


Zewelepe is an Information & Communication Technologies service provider and software developer. Zewelepe designs, develops, supports and operates IT systems and commercialises a wide range of software products using state-of-the-art technologies.

Our services cover the following:

  • Development and delivery on ICT projects;
  • Technical support;
  • ICT consulting services – outsourcing;
  • Design, marketing and support of software products in the field of e-learning;
  • Outsourcing, SaaS (software as a service), cloud and managed services;
  • Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) – a secure online repository for document storage and distribution


Zewelepe is committed to supporting high-impact organizations looking to transform education in the EU, and around the world. Zewelepe works with institutions of all levels and types, including schools, Vocational training and lifelong learning centers, Higher Education Institutions, organizations focused on supporting students with in-school and after school services, and education reform organizations focused on human capital and advocacy.

We cooperate and develop strategies, business plans and projects to enhance the education and training sector.

Zewelepe organizes customized training seminars for companies, as well as for individual learners including professionals, teachers and disadvantaged persons.